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Hey there!

If you are anything like me and my friend Patty then you have a love for ALL THINGS VINTAGE CHIPPY & HANDMADE!!

We put this market to have a place where WE COULD GATHER with fellow like minded creatives! It has been an insane amount of work but worth every minute of it! The June spring market was a huge success & so much fun to be a part of.

I (Jeanette) was a little nervous on how things would go and how vendors would act. I can honestly say that I have never been surrounded by so many sweet & helpful people! The energy was amazing-the booths were gorgeous & the items were truly one of a kind! the weather..not so much:/   But we can not control mother nature and her bi-polar moods!

We can control how we react to things & I think, for our first market, we handled the baby hurricane with as much Calm we had in us! Shoppers helped hold down tents (vendors were even saying they were still selling during the storm!) CRAZY!! and that everyone pulled together and made the best of the situation. Thank you again mother nature, vendors & shoppers for making it a memorable first market!!

The fall market weather looks PROMISING!!! 75 & SUNNY!! thank you mother nature and lets keep it that way!

We want each of you, vendors & shoppers to know how much gratitude we have for your support in following our passion & our dreams! Talented vendors- we love that you took a gamble with our first market & I know with out all of you it wouldn’t have been so successful. We had a large range of way fab goodies to offer shoppers. Shoppers- JUST THANK YOU!!! for coming out & supporting the market & the vendors. I know a lot of vendors just about sold out in 3 hours last market and that means you are liking the types of curators we are allowing into the shows.

Closing with the fact that Patty & I are beyond excited to bring you another market! The city of Woodhaven is already booking us for the spring & fall of 2017 and that makes us feel like all in all-the market was very well received and the word about it will just keep spreading! And our markets will just keep growing!

We had 6 months to seek out vendors for this year and hopefully they all return!!! and then we can start to add more amazing curators and fun things to market day!!!

Till then, we are busy planning and creating our own goodies for you to shop!!

Come see us and 130 amazing small shops & local curators!!! <–Click for the link!

Spread Good Vibes,

Jeanette & Patty

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Here we are shopping!!


And after the spring market in Woodhaven MI- cold & wet!!

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